A Healthy Approach to Weight Loss


Why does it Work?

  • Physician Supervised 60-day Program
  • Objective measurements and laboratory testing
  • Reduces systemic inflammation (C-RP)
  • Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Safe, all natural and plant-based
  • Proprietary nutraceuticals (short-term only)
  • No medicines and no HCG
  • RESET Metabolism (not speed up metabolism)
  • Flexible and custom
  • No starving
  • No calorie counting
  • Average weight loss is 40lbs in 60 days
  • Long-term results (easy to keep weight off)
  • No need to be anti-social and avoid restaurants
  • Personal coach 24/7
  • Affordable

For more info, Contact us: jodee@healthcoachjodee.com