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“Dr. Mike Van Thielen left his home in Belgium to come to America with just $400 in his pocket. He is a prime example of “incremental Improvements” in action, having advanced his career from disc jockey to doctor and authority in Regenerative Medicine, while also setting a World Record in swimming recently. His story is an inspiration to athletes, sports fans, and anyone working on self-development.”

Mike Brodsky

Author, “Incremental Improvements: Change Your Life One Small Step At A Time”.


“Dr. Mike is a fellow author, speaker and philanthropist. When he was 26, he saved $400, stuffed his backpack and came to the United States from Belgium as a Physical Therapist. Now he is the CEO/President of a renowned Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell based therapy company. Dr. Mike is not only a multiple U.S. National Master Champion in swimming but also holds an American and World record. I like that Dr. Mike dreams big, sets huge goals and most of all accomplishes them. That’s what makes him not only a great leader but also a great example. He walks the talk.”

John R.F. Humphreys

The Happiness Creator

The Youngest Motivational Speaker in the World (10 y/o)


“Mike is a rare human being. His story is an inspiration and living proof that once you really commit to a goal, you can achieve anything you want. He genuinely lives his mission, to help people live a better life. Many people talk about wanting more, but Mike’s story is “the how to” version of creating more success and better health in a very short period of time.”

Carrie K. Myton

Expert Marketing System Specialist

Author of The Client Attraction System


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike Van Thielen as a partner at Neo Matrix Medical over the past 3 years. During that time, I can say without reservation that he has consistently impressed me with his commitment, dedication, and resolve as the President of Neo Matrix Medical. He is one of the few people I know that is persistently dependable, positive, and a powerful source of motivation to all those he interacts with. I’m glad we have such a capable leader guiding our company.”

Nick Sasso,

CFO Neo Matrix Medical

President Sasso Holdings, Ventures, and Properties

Former Senior Vice President Jones Trading


“If you want to understand the modern version of what living the American Dream is, read this book. Dr. Mike is a true self-made man coming to the USA with $400 and working tirelessly to succeed. Today he is the CEO of Regenerative medicine giant Neo Matrix Medical and himself has become the trusted healer and confidant of NFL pros, Olympians, Billiard Champions and World Champion Boxers. He has a positive energy around him that electrifies every room he walks into. If you want your audience energized and ready for life changes, this is the keynote speaker you’re looking for. “

Charlie Williams , CEO of the World Sports Alumni.

Former World #1 Billiards Champion.


“Dr Mike is fantastic! He is a nice and humble man and his Team at neo Matrix Medical took excellent care of me. I received allograft injections and SoftWave therapy for my lower back and left knee. The treatment went smooth and was very professional. I feel so much better. I recommend anyone to contact Dr. Mike and seek help. He’s a pro in regenerative medicine and swimming too. He knows how to make you strong again and help you achieve anything you’ll want in life.”

Pinklon Thomas, 2-Time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and author of ‘Back From the Edge of Hell’.


“Dr. Mike is a amazing person of high character. His enthusiasm made me feel excited about my procedure. As a world class athlete himself, He understands the pain that athletes go through. He has the knowledge of figuring out what’s going on and how to make things better”

Ron Dixon, NY Giants, Super Bowl XXXV.

NFL Record Holder & Co-Host of iHeartradio’s Meriweather Dixon Show


“Incredible guy. If not for Dr. Mike, I Wouldn’t be running right now. I’d be injured on the sidelines not able to train for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He has become a key person in my life. His is one of those few special people that is going above and beyond of what a normal doctor or business person would do. He motivates people and gives them the confidence they need to achieve their goals and dreams. I’m one of them. We have formed a special relationship that keeps growing, and I’m excited about us working together”.

Curtis Mitchell, Team USA Track & Field.

2013 World Championship Bronze Medalist

2014 U.S. National Champion


“Dr. Mike is a cool cat. He’s a legit pro athlete who belongs with us in the WSA World Sports Alumni. He is a topnotch physician who’s been helping my friends recover from injuries. I’m looking forward to my medicinal signaling cell therapy and SoftWave treatments at his facility.”

Brandon Meriweather

Host of the IHeartRadio’s Meriweather Dixon show.

NFL Pro Bowler for Patriots, Redskins and Giants; and All American for the Miami Hurricanes.


“Dr. Mike has a background that will raise the eyebrows of the most skeptical person. His story is truly inspirational and uplifting. He is an example of what sacrifice, courage and hard work looks like. To use a swimming analogy, Dr. Mike’s book will encourage readers to get excited and jump into the deep end of the pool with both feet and swim to survive and achieve their goals.”

Mark Lanton.

FLORIDA Boxing Hall of Fame.

Author of The Executive Meeting.

Retired U.S Air Force, Senior Master Sergeant.


“This is a must read book, Dr Mike is the epitome of “Self-Made Man”

Dr Mike’s journey is amazing and a great life lesson for everyone! Do yourself a this book!!

Bruce Rothschild,

NCAA All American, former San Diego Charger,

Actor & Executive Producer.



“Dr. Mike van Thielen has been both a great leader and inspiration for our team. His approach to both sports and life is unique and provides a fresh perspective on conventional thinking about training habits, nutrition, time and life management. As a coach, I feel like I have learned as much or more from him as he has from me.”

Scott Bay Ed. D.

ASCA Level 5 Coach

CEO and Managing Partner RSJ Event Specialists

Author: Swimming Steps to Success.


“In working with many physicians and elite professional athletes over the last decade, Dr. Van Thielen is the FIRST doctor I have worked with that falls into both of those categories. His dedication to maintaining his health and body while facilitating the healing of his patients’ bodies is inspiring. Dr. Mike Van Thielen has a natural and cutting-edge approach to healing and his patients see amazing success as a result of his continued innovation and dedication. Dr. Mike is also one of the most inspiring and charismatic keynote speakers I have witnessed on stage.”

Dr. Kristofer Chaffin

Doctor to professional athletes and consultant to entrepreneurs and doctors.


“In my efforts to assist a major client in the Middle East to provide advanced medical care to its citizens, I focused on Regenerative Medicine and in particular Stem Cell based Therapies, as it showed promise in the treatment of a variety of endemic ills that plague this client’s country, its citizens and the region. I was fortunate enough to make contact with Dr. Mike Van Thielen and his clinic. Not only a technical leader in the science, he also has an uncommon ability to connect with patients, carefully explaining the procedure and expected results, giving the patient confidence. As a naturalized US citizen, he has adopted and now exudes the American Dream—innovation and results. His story is fascinating and inspiring.”

John Middleton

Retired US Army officer / 30 years in the Middle East

President - Pathfinder Security LLC


“As a retired Major-General, I enjoy playing tennis, swimming and working-out. My right shoulder was giving me more and more trouble and I decided to visit the doctor. He said it was arthritis and gave me a cortisone injection but that didn’t help at all. An MRI showed rotator cuff tears and the orthopedic doctor recommended a reversed shoulder replacement surgery but indicated I probably wouldn’t play tennis again. Therefore, I looked for another option and ended up receiving allograft injections in my shoulder at Neo Matrix Medical. 4 months after the treatment I was totally pain free and playing tennis again. It’s been two years now and my shoulder still feels great. Dr. Mike and his team are simply excellent and care for their patients”.

Story Stevens.

Retired Major-General.

Veteran WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

“What greater testimony to one’s life work and mission, than being told, what you did for me, changed my life. You hear that repeatedly from those Dr. Mike has worked with. His own experience as a high-performance athlete enables him to bring a unique perspective to not only the physical side of high performance, but also the mental side which is often even more important.”

Honorable Alan Steelman,

U.S. Congressman (TX-R)



“My dad is a very loving and supportive role model to my little sister and I. He has always put my needs before his own which is why I have been able to enjoy countless comforts. This selflessness that he has shown me is what he embodies in all aspects of his life, and it is a characteristic that I strive to exhibit in all things I do.”

Kira Van Thielen,


UF student, Miss UF Finalist


“Dr. Mike is one of the most committed and brightest people I know. He accomplishes anything he puts his mind to and has an eye for great opportunities. In just a few short years, he has launched Neo Matrix Medical from a start-up to one of the most respective names in regenerative medicine. Dr. Mike is an outstanding communicator and public speaker. He naturally inspires and motivates any audience.”

Chip Van Vurst

CEO of BioStem Terchnologies, Inc.

Race Car Driver



“I came to know Dr. Mike while researching stem cell therapy to possibly address Alzheimer’s disease. I was leading a Health Ministry at our church and preparing presentations on Alzheimer’s and Stem Cells at the time. I went to a seminar by Dr. Mike who did an excellent job of describing stem cell therapy as well as the procedures his company, Neo Matrix Medical, utilizes to maximize the health benefits. I then scheduled myself for stem cell therapy for August 29, 2018, to address my severe Sciatica. I had rejected surgery. It has now been 8 months and the results have been absolutely amazing.   In addition to a full recovery from my sciatica, three other sources of pain have also vanished. Dr. Mike is a remarkable person and has built a fabulous regenerative medicine clinic. I have referred several people so far and all those who went are happy with their pain reduction and increased body function.”

Richard C. Moessner

President, Process Measurement Systems Consulting, Inc. (Ret.)

Editorial Board, Elsevier Press, Process Control and Quality, (Ret.)

Leader, Christian Health Ministry, Palm Coast Florida


"Dr. Mike Van Thielen has written a must-read primer for anyone considering a life well lived. Having worked alongside Dr. Mike for many years it’s easy to become accustomed to the incredibly driven, accomplished, intelligent, charismatic and confident leader that he is. If you don’t have the good fortune to work alongside Dr. Mike, read this book and learn from one of the best."

Donald Bass.

Chief Operating Officer at Neo Matrix Medical. 


“Mike’s passion for life, combined with a hunger for knowledge and his search for the latest innovations in his field truly makes him unique and a stand-out as a Team Leader and friend. After many years of experience in retail sales, management and leadership roles I can say that Mike is of the highest caliber. Mike combines strategy, vision and a tireless work ethic all while remaining compassionate and considerate, and keeping the entire team engaged and involved.”

Richard Williams.

Finance Manager at Neo Matrix Medical.

Former Fixed Operations Director at Toyota and Cadillac / Chevrolet.


“I have had the great fortune of working with Dr. Mike Van Thielen for over 6 years. Not only is he a great person but also an experienced, caring and compassionate therapist / physician. He successfully treated me for a frozen shoulder and aligned my back when needed. He is the best team leader I have ever worked with. I also witnessed his greatness as a keynote speaker. It’s a privilege he calls me his U.S. mom”.

Ruth Wimberly

Physical Therapy technician.


“I have known Dr. Mike for over 25 years.  I have had a long career as an office manager bringing natural and traditional medicine together in one clinical setting.  I have worked with Mike over the years where I have watched him provide outstanding care for his patients. It soon became apparent that he was a person with the confidence, knowledge, and determination to bring the very best to his patients through natural medicine and new innovative treatments. His success throughout his career is proof of that.  I feel privileged to be on this journey with him, promoting health and wellness and a better quality of life to our patients.”

Maria Daily

Office Manager


“I have known Dr. Mike for over 20 years. He has more knowledge on health and wellness products than anyone I have ever met. He is very outgoing and enjoys everyone he meets. My family appreciates everything he has done for us.”

Craig Buckland

Former Golf Professional


“At Neo Matrix medical, I am at the forefront of meeting and exceeding patients’ goals and expectations as well as providing education to let their bodies heal in their natural state. It is here at Neo Matrix Medical where I have had the honor to meet Dr. Mike Van Thielen. Dr. Mike has been instrumental in my decision to continue my career as a health care provider and a key member of the medical team. Dr. Mike has shown the same passion I have in ensuring the best care for my patients as well as rendering the most benefit out of regenerative medicine treatment modalities. Alongside with my fellow colleagues, this is where I found home and I am truly proud to be part of this special team.”

Luis Gomez.

Nurse Practitioner


“Dr. Mike was an integral part of the early success of my small business. His inspiration, drive, intelligence, and general good nature also led to a cherished friendship. I have had the pleasure of being at several of his motivational and educational seminars and am always able to come away with either a greater understanding or a new idea for my health and business decisions.”

Larry Sigafoos, PTA.

Owner of Elite Physical Therapy Associates, Ormond Beach, FL.


“Dr. Mike Van Thielen is a professional with a unique combination of integrity, ingenuity, intelligence, and commitment to excellence. My relationship with Dr. Mike has been as a student of nutrition and regenerative medicine, his trainer to break world and national records in the swimming pool, and the friend who enjoys life at its best. I know him to be the great father, a fierce competitor and an individual to set the bars high. He is always committed to succeed and finishing the projects he starts. It is my honor and pleasure to be his strength trainer and friend.”

Tasso C. Kiriakes, MS.

Founder of Bodez Personalized Fitness.

Trainer of National Champions in wrestling, football (NFL), basketball, swimming, baseball (MLB), racquetball, track and field, lacrosse, and NASCAR Hall of Famers and current drivers.



“Mike Van Thielen, PhD is a leading force in bringing advanced stem cell-based therapies to the market. He is a proven trail blazer and thought leader on improving technology and best approaches to helping patients maximize the benefits of regenerative medicine applications. It’s been insightful working with Dr. Mike on developing custom protocols to individualize supplement programs to enhance patient and athlete outcomes. Working side by side with him has allowed me to see that he is a visionary, patient advocate, accomplished author, great speaker, successful businessman and world class athlete…a true renaissance man of our times!”

George Collins

Owner - Life Extension Nutrition Center, Orlando


In a time where health care is complicated and people are left wondering what choices they have Dr. Mike brings solutions to a broken system! Dr. Mike is changing the industry of healthcare with breakthrough science to let patients function to the best of their ability.

Dr. Alexander Greaux

Owner - Aventura Wellness & Rehabilitation Center

Former Therapist MIAMI HEAT (NBA)


“Mike Van Thielen is a force to be reckoned with. His unwavering passion and dedication in all areas of life is nothing short of astonishing; no matter the arena he is guaranteed to excel. These talents combined with his special ability to inspire the greatness in individuals and audiences alike will undoubtably make him a household name in the industry.”

Victoria Cattell-Bass

Owner/Creator of Pangari Jewelry, Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, NLP Practitioner.


“I have known Mike for over 35 years now and if I had to describe him in one word, it would be “Persistent”. Even in the most precarious situations he stays optimistic; his glass is always half-full and giving-up is not in his dictionary. His persistence has delivered him success in both his athletic and professional career. As a competitive swimmer he won several Belgian National Titles and this year, at age 47, he swam a World Record in the 4x100m Freestyle relay with his Belgian team mates. He also was a very knowledgeable and successful swim coach here in Belgium. Mike is not afraid to work hard and is always there to provide a helping hand. I can count on him 100% of the time. I’m proud of his accomplishments so far but mark my words when I say “We ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Dirk Boets

Professional Swim Coach


“I am a big fan of Dr. Mike because of his energy and drive, but most important he instils HOPE in people whether if it’s someone with a medical condition or someone who just needs a reason to keep trying. I believe I have always been a HOPEFUL person myself. I have chosen a career path of investing in Real Estate and always HOPED I could make a living by doing that. After buying and selling 100’s of properties in the last 50 years, the tally to date is very positive and it has afforded me and my family a very nice living. But if I had lost HOPE during the lean Real Estate market periods, the unplanned problem periods, etc. I would have given up a long time ago.   That is why I only want to do business with people like Dr Mike.”

Allan Detert,

President Daytona Land Company



“I got to know Mike as a inspiring motivational speaker in the Regenerative Medicine arena, working to help countless people to get treatments for devastating conditions like neuropathy, and preventing knee and hip replacements by endorsing stem cell based treatments to shift peoples’ mind from sick-care to healthcare. At the same time, Mike took the 'make it or break it’ task to break several swimming records. He trained hard and DID it. What a great accomplishment and demonstration of dedication and strength. Dr. Mike, you are an inspiration for all of us.” 

Felix Amon

Serial Entrepreneur in the Regenerative Medical Space 



“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike personally and professionally. He continues to amaze and inspire me with his continued success, unbelievable drive and accomplishments. He is definitely a type A personality and is never satisfied with just “average”. Mike is constantly trying to improve, learn and I can honestly say he is the most driven individual I have ever met. Not to mention a phenomenal speaker. He can easily captivate an audience in an entertaining manner all while delivering a strong informative message. I have watched him grow over the last few years with his success of Neo Matrix Medical and witnessing first hand his American Record in swimming. I will continue to be one of his biggest fans and supporters for years to come.”

Tammy Cherry, realtor

Keller Williams Realty FL Partners

Multi-Million Dollar Producer



“I personally know Mike and find him to be honest, intelligent and goal oriented. He is also one of the most well-spoken individuals I’ve met throughout my many professional years”.

Jack Morgan

Vietnam Veteran

MTSU Graduate

Retired Warden, TDOC


“I have known Dr. Mike for many years. I was sick with Ulcerative Colitis Disease and conventional physicians were unable to help me. Dr. Mike designed a specific nutrition plan for me, taught me how to juice with a cold pressed juicer, and put me on some medical grade supplements. Within the shortest time I noticed significant improvement and I haven’t had issues for years now. Since my recovery, I invited him to speak for several groups in Toronto. I have to say: “he is a phenomenal speaker, with a wealth of knowledge to share!”

Toni Hickox

Equine Business Owner



“I have known Dr. Mike as a colleague/partner; practitioner; motivational speaker; and healer. His uniqueness in the Integrative Medicine Health Sector is one of Practical Performance: As a World Class Athlete and the ‘Houdini of Health’. If you haven’t seen him perform on stage yet, it’s a must!

Jo Dee Baer

Certified health coach/nutritionist


“I have known Dr. Mike for over 8 years now. He has always been a loyal friend and a true professional in all aspects of his life.  He puts 110% into everything he sets out to do or accomplish.  From Swimming competitions all over the world, in which he excels, to his leadership at Neo Matrix Medical.  I trusted him as a patient with physical therapy, acupuncture and trigger point injections, and with stem cell-based therapy at Neo Matrix Medical. The allograft injections prevented me to have a surgery for a torn rotator cuff. A biceps dislodgement that was not repairable with conventional surgery also healed.  I now have approximately 95% of the original usage of this arm because of the stem cell procedure. It has been a pleasure knowing him over these last years, both professionally and socially.”

Sharon B Phelps

Neighbor, friend, patient and client


“Unlike most people, I had the privilege to call Mike a close friend for over 35 years. Mike is a person that goes ‘ALL IN’ when he sets his mind to something. He has been an inspiration and motivation to many people who were involved in the endeavors he has undertaken in both his personal as well as in his professional life.”

Hans Bylemans

Olympic Swimmer, 65x Belgian National Champion, 26x Belgian National Record Holder, Lifesaving World Champion and World recordholder


“Mike was the Physical Therapist and Assistant Coach for our team and myself during the preparation for the Olympic Games in 1996. He was always eager to help and learn more about swimming and athletic performance in general. We continue to stay in touch and I personally witnessed his World Record swim this year. He showed everyone that it’s never too late to reach your goals.”

Err Frederick Deburghgraeve

Olympic Gold Medalist, 100m Breaststroke, Atlanta 1996

Former World Record Holder 100m Breaststroke (SCM and LCM)


“I have known Dr. Mike Van Thielen for nearly two decades. He has continually demonstrated all that I look for in an Integrative medical practitioner in order to recommend to my clients. He is a professional always looking to increase his knowledge base. His regenerative medicine work is a good example. Dr. Mike has a profound respect for food integrity and knows how the body heals itself when put in the right conditions. He walks…rather swims…the talk by eating healthy and keeping his body fit.”

Mitchell Booth

Owner and CEO Love Wholefoods Cafes & Markets