Be Lean: A Healthy Approach to Weight Loss

Obesity is a known epidemic and a risk-factor for many other diseases. BE LEAN exposes the common flaws of popular diets and weight loss programs and proposes a simple, healthy approach to optimal weight.BE LEAN addresses the causes of obesity and excess weight with emphasis on the link between toxemia, systemic inflammation, free radical damage, the immune system, metabolism and obesity. Key components of a result-oriented program are discussed and include: •Physician Supervision•Objective measurements and laboratory testing•Reduces systemic inflammation (C-RP)•Healthy Nutrition Program•Safe, all natural and plant-based, proprietary nutraceuticals •No medicines and no HCG•RESET Metabolism (not speed up metabolism)•Flexible, custom, and easy to implement•No starving and No calorie counting•Steady loss of toxic fat (not water or muscle)•Long-term results•Maintenance program•24/7 support system•Affordable

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Optimize Your Immune System: Be Bullet Proof Against Viruses and Diseases of the 21ST Century

"Optimize Your Immune System" provides a simple action-plan for those people that are in ill-health, have a compromised immune system or want to guard themselves against viruses and diseases with proven and preventative measures, and exhibit optimal health and vitality.Instead of being a victim of the ever increasing human exposure to natural viruses and diseases, and man-made bio-weapons that are designed to control the human population, it’s imperative that you optimize your immune system so that your body can accomplish what it always was designed to do: fight off viruses and diseases without the interference of man-made drugs and poisonous vaccines.Dr. Mike Van Thielen exposes some medical myths and shares a different and innovative view on health and disease with the reader. Learn how our immune system really works, how to hack your killer cells, stimulate your lymph flow, upgrade your diet, include the right supplements and oils, improve gut health, employ the power of your mind and become bullet proof against the viruses and diseases of the 21st century.

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Walking The Talk – The $400 Journey (autobiography)

Dr. Mike is the ultimate overachiever, setting the bar higher with each success story. He came to the U.S. with $400, in a pair of jeans and carrying a back-pack. He came to live the American Dream. So far, one could say he is living it!

Dr. Mike failed in business many times over, lost lots of his hard earned money but never gave up. Today, he is the CEO of a successful Medical Company and launched himself as a renowned Keynote Speaker. He is also an American National Champion and World Record Holder in Swimming, a model, an author, entrepreneur, a respected educator and philanthropist.

He gives back to the community and is involved in many charitable events. Above all, he is a father to two beautiful and successful daughters. This short autobiography of Dr. Mike is an inspiration to athletes, sports fans, business professionals and anyone working on self-development. This story is living proof that once you really commit to a goal you can achieve anything you want. Dr. Mike genuinely lives his mission to help people live a better life.

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Health 4 Life – User Manual

WHAT IF you could REGAIN CONTROL of your Health?
Create an extraordinary quality of life? Your car, your appliances, your electronics… they all came with a USER MANUAL, but YOU didn’t.

Unlike any other book on health and wellness, HEALTH 4 LIFE is the first, practical USER MANUAL of the CREATION which you are.

Dr. Mike Van Thielen – PhD. in Holistic Nutrition – will personally COACH you and passionately
entertain you as you begin to learn and UNDERSTAND the REAL TRUTHS about HEALTH. In a bold, straight-forward, common-sense format, the reader will learn:

• HOW your body REALLY works.
• The Cause of ALL Disease, which is only one.
• That optimal health is NORMAL and disease the exception.
• The Natural Laws of Human Life, and HOW to RESPECT these.
• The TRUTH about Supplements

Our health standards have become extremely low. SICKNESS is accepted as part of aging while the TRUTH remains that HEALTH & HAPPINESS are easily attainable for anyone.

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Stem Cells 101 – 7 Key Questions to Ask when Considering Regenerative Medicine

This easy-to-understand consumer guide helps the reader select the right provider when considering regenerative medicine and stem cell-based therapies. The reader will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of stem cell souring, the modalities used for product placement, the FDA regulations and FSMB (Federal State Medical Boards) policies to protect the patient, conditions treated, scientific research, expectations and results.

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Fibromyalgia into Remission – Do It Yourself

FIBROMYALGIA and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the most misunderstood and disabling medical conditions today, and conventional doctors have NOT been able to put a dent in the disease with conventional drugs and therapies. Doctors just follow the “standard” treatment protocols given to them. They can see that the treatments don’t work but don’t have another solution available. Even the American Chronic Pain Association has no solution. They give recommendations on how to learn to live with fear and pain.

The conventional approaches don’t work because they are symptoms based and they do not identify the cause or causes of the pain and symptoms. Fibromyalgia patients just get worse and suffer with more and more pain. Their focus is on the management of secondary symptoms while their focus should be on the underlying root causes and then eradicating the pain and symptoms.

So, what’s my solution for you? First, you will need to make a paradigm-shift and look at disease and health from a different perspective. You need to realize that chronic and degenerative diseases and fibromyalgia are simply the end-result of toxemia and poor lifestyle habits and that there exist no short-cuts or elixirs or silver bullets to magically make those conditions disappear. It takes some effort to regain control of your health and put your body in the right conditions so that it can heal itself. I will be your coach and show you HOW to do that. You need to gain the knowledge, learn the skills and be willing to put in the required effort. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. You will not only put your fibromyalgia (or any other condition) into remission, but you will live a much happier, more productive and fulfilling life. You will be in total control of your health.

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The Edge – in Optimal Health & Athletic Performance in the 21st Century

Coming Fall of 2020